Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys 2018 (100% Working) 💯

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys: Don’t compare yourself with me if you aren’t or in past, you were not a backbencher, a mechanical engineering student 🎓, hasn’t/hadn’t a crush in college time, never Played PUBG ever and still single? Are you seriously reading the article? I am not fooling you! Anyways, I will tell you why I was talking about these things at the end f the article. Meanwhile, Let’s get dive into the topic on Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional Product Keys and Activation Numbers that really works in 2018.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys 2018 (100% Working)

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys 2018 (100% Working)

Windows 7 is the most popular Operating System which is ever produced by Microsoft. Windows 7 was published way back in 2009 and after that its fame and user base start growing exponentially. It is also one of the most revenue driven Operating System for Microsoft. There is still a good number of users who are actually using Windows 7 and many people are updated to another version because Microsoft will stop their support to Windows 7 very soon.  Microsoft’s action will not affect the Windows 7 users as Windows 7 is one of the functional, reliable and lightweight operating system.  This is why a lot of people actually asking us to write an article about Windows 7 free Product keys and here it is!

Why Windows 7?

It is a common question in most of the people’s mind.if you are closely looking, nowadays all kind of people uses a computer. Everyone in this world actually needs computers. For common people it is difficult to remember some commands and always rely on them is not impressive. Windows 10 is the very latest version offered by Microsoft but Windows 7 is still on the top.

By this point, Linux gets out of the market. Most of the programmers and other developers are using Linux because they can handle all the stuff in Linux while the common people mat feels difficult to handle things. Even though Linux is an Open Source Operating System, for this reason, normal people cannot use this. In fact, Linux kernel-based systems are a lot more secure than Windows or Mac. These Windows 7 Professional Product Key for 32/64 Bit in 2018 are just amazing and working too fine. Now we have only two main players! Windows and Mac. Let us see who will survive and provide great for you.


If you already installed windows 7 on your PC, you can use the below method to activate your windows. In case, you need to download windows 7 for yourself, we will leave the links below. Go ahead and download the windows 7 iso file and get your bootable device. Now boot your windows 7 and install it on your Computer.

After this, you need to activate your windows by purchasing the license from the Microsoft website or from the local vendor. But many people cannot able to buy a genuine license. For all those people this article will help to activate your windows 7 machine without even a single penny. Without wasting any more time let us look at the procedure to activate windows 7.

These keys will not work if you turn on Automatic updates on. So you need to disable the automatic updates. This won’t harm your computer as there will not be any update will be rolled out for windows 7. To disable Windows 7 automatic updates.

STEP 1:  Open your Start menu and search for Control Panel.

STEP 2:  In control Panel, Click on System and Security.

STEP 3:    In the next window, check your Left-hand side and click Check for updates.

STEP 4:    Now on the same Left sidebar click Change Settings option.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys 2018 (100% Working)

Check for Updates

STEP 5:    In the next window select Never check for updates to disable updates on your Windows 7 machine.

After doing this restart your computer.  Once you restart your computer, open your System Properties by right click My Computer and select Properties. Now, you have prompted with Activate Windows. Copy any of the keys which are listed below and paste it on the Activation key tab and hit Activate Button.😍 If you are a Windows 10 user than what are you waiting for? These free windows 10 product keys 2018 will help you in activating the Windows 10 for free in 2018

Windows 7 Ultimate, Starter and Professional Serial Keys (August 2018)

Sr. No.Windows 7 VersionsWorking Product Keys
1Windows 7 Home Basic 64 Bit201822MFQ-HDH7V-RBV79-QMVK9-PTMXQ
2Windows 7 Ultimate Home Basic 2018 (August)239PK-QV6BM-6BX3V-KH2BD-R3VTY
3Windows 7 Home Basic 32 Bit Key 2RDPF-PTCT2-DR237-KD8JY-VH2M7
4Windows 7 Home Premium6RBBT-F8VPQ-QCPVQ-KHRB8-RMV82
5New Windows 7 Home Premium Basic4FG99-BC3HD-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9
6Windows 7 Ultimate Home Premium Basic2V36J-4RK8B-GW27Q-4DXPG-RQP78
7Windows 7 Professional KeyGMJQF-JC7VC-76HMH-M4RKY-V4HX6
8Windows 7 Enterprise KeyMKD6B-HV23H-TMH22-WXG3P-TRVJM
9Windows 7 Starter (N12)2V3W2-JXTTR-28RD8-R228D-KR69C
10Windows 7 Starter (2018)2K8WH-JVQDM-C9HVC-YR2XC-8M76G
11Windows 7 Starter (
12Windows 7 Ultimate (Working)MM7DF-G8XWM-J2VRG-4M3C4-GR27X
13Windows 7 Ultimate (32-Bit)RGQ3V-MCMTC-6HP8R-98CDK-VP3FM
Windows 7 Ultimate (64-Bit)7YWX9-W3C2V-D46GW-P722P-9CP4D
Windows 7 Ultimate, Starter and Professional Serial Keys (2018)

Windows 7 Product Keys (New)



























Windows 7 Home Premium Install Keys 2018







Activate Windows 7 Ultimate Without Product Keys

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys 2018 (100% Working)

Windows 7 Ultimate ||

Hope any of this key will work for you and help you to activate your windows 7 computer. If you are still stuck and cannot able to activate your windows 7 follow the method two which is simply running a script and the script will patch our windows 7 activation for us. Let us look at the second method. 🖥

STEP 1: Open your notepad and click the File button and select save as option.

STEP 2: Save the file as a win7Activator.bat or anthing.bat

STEP 3: Now copy the below script and carefully paste it in your notepad.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Keys 2018 (100% Working)

——————————COPY FROM BELOW LINE————————————————————–

@echo off

CLS :init setlocal DisableDelayedExpansion set cmdInvoke=1 set winSysFolder=System32 set “batchPath=%~0” for %%k in (%0) do set batchName=%%~nk set “vbsGetPrivileges=%temp%\OEgetPriv_%batchName%.vbs” setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion :checkPrivileges NET FILE 1>NUL 2>NUL if ‘%errorlevel%’ == ‘0’ ( goto gotPrivileges ) else ( goto getPrivileges ) :getPrivileges if ‘%1’==’ELEV’ (echo ELEV & shift /1 & goto gotPrivileges) ECHO. ECHO ************************************** ECHO Invoking UAC for Privilege Escalation ECHO ************************************** ECHO Set UAC = CreateObject^(“Shell.Application”^) > “%vbsGetPrivileges%” ECHO args = “ELEV ” >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” ECHO For Each strArg in WScript.Arguments >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” ECHO args = args ^& strArg ^& ” ”  >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” ECHO Next >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” if ‘%cmdInvoke%’==’1’ goto InvokeCmd ECHO UAC.ShellExecute “!batchPath!”, args, “”, “runas”, 1 >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” goto ExecElevation :InvokeCmd ECHO args = “/c “”” + “!batchPath!” + “”” ” + args >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” ECHO UAC.ShellExecute “%SystemRoot%\%winSysFolder%\cmd.exe”, args, “”, “runas”, 1 >> “%vbsGetPrivileges%” :ExecElevation “%SystemRoot%\%winSysFolder%\WScript.exe” “%vbsGetPrivileges%” %* exit :gotPrivileges setlocal & cd /d %~dp0 if ‘%1’==’ELEV’ (del “%vbsGetPrivileges%” 1>nul 2>nul  &  shift /1) if exist %~dp0log.txt del /f /q %~dp0log.txt REM ************************************************************************************************************************************** :StopFOG net stop FOGService >nul :CHECKWINVERSION for /f “tokens=4-5 delims=. ” %%i in (‘ver’) do set WINVERSION=%%i.%%j if NOT “%winversion%” == “6.1” ( cls echo Version of Windows is %winversion%. Supported version is 6.1. Cannot continue. >>%~dp0log.txt echo. echo. echo.         You are currently running an unsupported version echo.         of Windows. This script only supports Windows 7. echo.         Sorry^^! echo. echo.         Press any key to exit… PAUSE > NUL net start FOGService >nul exit /b ) :GETCURRENTEDITION cls mode con: cols=100 lines=35 type “%~dp0lib\agreement.txt” FOR /F “usebackq tokens=3-4* delims= ” %%A IN (`reg query “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion” /v “ProductName” 2^>nul`) DO ( if “%%D”==”” ( set EDITION=%%C %%D ) else ( set EDITION=%%C ) ) if “%EDITION%” == “Enterprise” ( cls echo Edition of Windows is %EDITION%. This edition is not supported. Cannot continue. >>%~dp0log.txt echo. echo. echo.         You are currently running Windows 7 Enterprise. echo.         Unfortunately, this script does not support this echo.         edition of Windows. Sorry^^! echo. echo.         Press any key to exit… PAUSE > NUL net start FOGService >nul exit /b ) :GETMANUFACTURER for /f “usebackq tokens=2 delims==” %%A IN (`wmic csproduct get vendor /value`) DO SET VENDOR=%%A :GETMODE if “%~1″==”auto” ( echo Automatic mode selected.>>%~dp0log.txt set AUTOMODE==”true” call “%~dp0lib\installcert.bat” VALIDATEVENDOR exit /b ) if “%~1″==”unattend” ( echo Unattended mode selected.>>%~dp0log.txt set UNATTENDED==”true” call “%~dp0lib\installcert.bat” VALIDATEVENDOR exit /b ) if “%~1″==”retail” ( goto INSTALLRETAIL ) if “%~1″==”manual” ( goto manualinstall ) :SELECTOPTION cls echo. echo. type “%~dp0lib\agreement.txt” echo. echo. echo.   Installed edition of Windows 7: %EDITION% >> %~dp0log.txt echo.   Installed edition of Windows 7: %EDITION% echo. echo. echo.   Select license type: echo. echo.   1) Automatic Activation echo.   2) Manual activation (select manufacturer and Windows edition) echo.   3) Install retail, volume or sticker product key echo.   4) Cancel/Exit echo. set /P LICENSETYPE=”Enter selection: ” if /i “%LICENSETYPE:~,1%” EQU “1” call “%~dp0lib\installcert.bat” VALIDATEVENDOR exit if /i “%LICENSETYPE:~,1%” EQU “2” goto manualinstall if /i “%LICENSETYPE:~,1%” EQU “3” goto installretail if /i “%LICENSETYPE:~,1%” EQU “4” exit /b goto MANUALINSTALL :MANUALINSTALL echo OEM installation selected. >> %~dp0log.txt cls type “%~dp0lib\headertitle.txt” echo. echo. echo.   Select manufacturer: echo.   1) Acer echo.   2) Alienware echo.   3) Asus echo.   4) Dell echo.   5) Fujitsu echo.   6) HP echo.   7) IBM/Lenovo echo.   8) Samsung echo.   9) Sony echo.   10) Toshiba echo.   11) Start Over echo. set /P MANUFACTURER=”Enter selection: ” if /i “%MANUFACTURER:~,1%” EQU “11” ( goto InstallOrNot ) else ( cmd /c “%~dp0lib\installcert.bat” ) goto StartFOG :INSTALLRETAIL echo Retail key installation selected. cls set /P RETAILKEY=”Enter retail/VLK or sticker key (WITH DASHES): ” cscript //B “%windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs” -ipk %retailkey% echo Retail key installation started. >> %~dp0log.txt cscript //B “%windir%\system32\slmgr.vbs” -ato echo Retail key activation started. >> %~dp0log.txt cmd /c “%~dp0\lib\checkstatus.bat” RETAILCHECK net start FOGService >nul exit /b :StartFOG echo Would you like to delete the activator script echo and associated files from the Scripts folder? set /P DELETE=”[Y/N]? ” if /I “%c%” EQU “Y” goto CLEANUP if /I “%c%” EQU “N” goto NOCLEANUP exit /b :Cleanup rmdir /S /Q %~dp0Activator\* net start FOGService >nul exit /b :NoCleanup net start FOGService >nul exit /b

—————-COPY UNTIL ABOVE LINE —————————————

STEP 4: Now, right click the notepad file and select run as administrator. HOLA! Your windows 7 will be activated.


Hope this article will help you to activate your windows 7 computer with and without activation keys. So Actually these were the easiest possible ways by which you can activate your Windows 7 Ultimate 2018 and Windows 7 Professional. These free Windows 7 Product keys might be used by others, so stay tuned with us. If you still have any queries or thoughts about this article let us know in the comments below. Share this article with your friends on all Social Media Platforms. Sharing is caring. Cheers!

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Hope this article will help you to activate your windows 7 computer with and without activation keys. So Actually these were the easiest possible ways by which you can activate your Windows 7 Ultimate 2018 and Windows 7 Professional. These free Windows 7 Product keys might be used by others, so stay tuned with us.

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